Uncovered QOTSA

CLIENT: Music For Music Lovers (FR)
Album artwork


The story behind this project is first of all the story of a meeting and of a collaboration.

On the one hand, the meeting of the French musician and producer Olivier Libaux, who was looking to illustrate his new musical project: an album entirely made of covers of the American band “Queens Of The Stone Age”, led by a prestigious vocal cast (Emiliana Torrini, Alela Diane, Youn Sun Nah, Skye, ...)
And on the other hand, a new collaboration, with the very talented English illustrator Timothy Hunt, who became after several projects together, a favoured partner.

For this album, Timothy and I have directed our graphic and typographic work seeking inspiration from the spirit of the famous jazz label "Blue Note", becoming an obvious reference for our project.
We agreed on a very strong "classy an catchy" graphic orientation, on a cover which would be both a reference to the feminine world of the album and to Olivier's talents as a guitarist but also to Salvator Dali's "sofa boca" or to a famous photography by Man Ray.

A collector postcard was published specifically for the promotion of the album. The website which is dedicated to the project develops the graphic universe of the cover.

More informations on uncoveredqotsa.com


Video: Uncovered QOTSA - "Feel Good Hit Of The Summer" / live Eldorado Music Festival, Sept. 2013, Paris

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