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Raymond Cauchetier is nowadays mostly known to have been movie set photographer from 1959 to 1968, on many of the films of the French Nouvelle Vague.  He worked on Godard’s "Breathless", Truffaut’s "Jules and Jim", "The Four Hundred Blows", and "Stolen Kisses", Demy’s"Lola", or Varda’s "Cleo from five to seven" (see mini-site promoting his book "Photos de Cinema").

The site we have made together provides a comprehensive overview of his photographic work and timeliness (exhibitions, publishing ...) since he remains at 92 year old, full of projects and keeps exhibiting worldwide! He has been honoured by Salon de la Photo in Paris (2013 edition), with a full retrospective of his work, first time ever in France.


In collaboration with David Devillard

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