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CLIENT: Centre des Monuments Nationaux
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On the occasion of the plan of action to promote the french national patrimony (Centre des Monuments Nationaux), numerous exhibitions and cultural events are held in different historical monuments.

Each event has its own visual identity used in all of the communication media, surrounding the event. I thus worked for:
- one musical season at the Sainte Chapelle,
- the reading of an erotic tale by the singer Juliette at the Conciergerie,
- an exhibition of the photographic portraits of G. Sand by Nadar at the Palais Jacques Coeur in Bourges,
- the poetry contest at the Talcy Castle,
- summer concerts in Chambord,
- "Monument Jeu d'enfant", special days for young people to discover a monument


Posters, invitation cards, press ads, leaflets, brochures, Morris column

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